A typical project might look as follows:

  • Prestudy
    Together with the client, we do a feasibility study, the project time frames, technical capabilities, and financial frameworks.
  • Specification
    A detailed specification is developed where the system’s technical performance is determined.
  • Hardware design
    We design electronic circuitry using a schema editor. The circuit boards are designed with respect to cooling needs, available space, and environmental concerns. The components on the circuit boards are chosen in view of function, price, and availability at mass production. If possible, the components are produced by several manufacturers. We buy components and assemble prototypes of circuit boards.
  • Software design
    They often include one or more processors in the system. The software is written in the programming language C. We also work with other programmable circuits such as PLD’er.
  • Test and verification
    The design meets the specification’s requirements and is verified by tests conducted by the customer or the customer consultation.
  • Product
    Customers will receive a production base that a manufacturer can use for the production of the devices. We can also manage all contacts with manufacturers and component suppliers and deliver finished and tested units to the customer.